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    About us

    GARÇ is a men's jewelry brand founded in 2019. GARÇ offers cool and striking men's jewelry made of high quality 925 sterling silver. A Dutch design that is carefully crafted in Bali, in close collaboration with young professionals, by people with a sense of creation, style and luxury. With a passion for stones, a passion for rings and a mission to be a responsible business. The rings are handmade rings with a nod to the classic signet ring, translated into a cool, hip GARÇ ring with gemstones from around the world as an eye-catcher. A large amount of silver and beautiful gemstones, such as Turquoise Matrix, petrified wood, Azurite, Tiger Eye etc. gives this ring a high-class feeling. All gemstones are cut from the purest part of the stone which makes each ring unique and therefore ensures an exclusive result. GARÇ has also designed ring models for the collection that are made without stones.


    The gemstones are set with precision and craftsmanship in the ring using a setting. By rubbing and pressing, a small edge is placed over the gemstone so that it can no longer fall out of the case and so-called "resting" in the case.

    The GARÇ ring is unique for its chronometric scale that is etched on the inside of the ring and indicates the solar time when the sun shines. A novelty that gives the ring a unique element.

    Thus, everything has been brought together with love and attention to achieve a beautiful result that gives a great feeling. GARÇ creates with this a new vibe for men. For him with a keen interest in fashion, culture, travel, luxury and trends. For those who want to complete their outfit, we have developed beautiful cufflinks. Like the rings, the cufflinks are handmade and are available with the same gemstones, creating an exclusive feeling when worn together. If you also wear a GARÇ ring then the difference between the gemstones does not matter, the gemstones all match. The bracelets are made of paracord with a beautiful silver lock. Tough, but especially hip and therefore fit well with any clothing style.

    All jewelry can be recognized by the 'Ç' logo.