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    Online shopping

    Yes, orders are insured, with possible extended delivery times given the circumstances. Our priority is both your safety and that of our employees.

    Deliveries to a postal address are maintained, with the exception of areas where access is temporarily blocked by local authorities.

    Deliveries by our partners DHL or are carried out "contactless", in strict compliance with health regulations. The deliverer will leave your parcel in front of your door after he has confirmed its passage with you. You may be asked to sign.

    In order to facilitate the work of the drivers and to guarantee the reception of your purchases, we kindly ask you to make sure you are present at the time of delivery, unless you have indicated otherwise, and to give the drivers as much information as possible to help them find your home.

    We will continue to exchange and refund the packages. Any product you wish to return must be registered at at all times. This must be done within 30 days of purchase. When it has been approved by us for return you will receive a return form and instructions where it should be delivered. As soon as these have been received and checked by our quality department, the amount will be refunded to the account you used to make the purchase.

    Our customer service will answer your questions and respond to your needs in the best possible way. 

    You will find our contact details in the "Contact" section.

    Size chart

    The bracelet sizes are indicated in cm. See the example form for more information. To determine your GARÇ bracelet size, we advise you to measure the wrist with a centimeter and add 2 cm. Now you can see on the example form if you need an s,m,l or xl. If you measure with another measuring instrument, e.g. inches, then look at the conversion form for the centimeters.

    Maintenance and repair

    Although very resistant, precious metals and natural stones are sensitive to their environment. Please read the following care tips, they will help you keep your GARÇ item durable. The stone in the ring should be protected from moisture, salt and soap and in general, we recommend you to remove your ring before any activity that may damage it: sports, swimming pool or beach, but also housekeeping, gardening and do-it-yourself.

    Beware of bumps, which cause stains and scratches of varying depth. Also, different jewelry worn or kept in contact with each other can scratch each other.

    Finally, to slow down the natural oxidation effect, avoid exposing your jewelry to moisture, intense heat and temperature contrasts. Make a habit of removing your jewelry before washing your hands, for example for a sauna or steam room session.

    Read the list explaining the stone to see what a good treatment is. This is also mentioned in the included QR code in the package.

    The bracelet is made of high quality yarns and has strong, colorfast, mold free properties and hand wash only

    Don't hesitate to visit the special page for more information or to contact our experts for help.

    Our workshop is able to respond to requests for repairs of the GARÇ products. We invite you to contact us by email to explain the problem. We will then give you an estimate and a waiting time for repairing the item. If the ring is repaired on your own initiative the warranty will be void. The GARÇ ring can't be made bigger or smaller because the tension is lost and the cheometric scale doesn't work correctly anymore. The strap of the bracelet is secured to the silver clasp, if a problem occurs please contact customer service via email.


    The only way to guarantee the authenticity of a GARÇ product is to make your purchase through our official website GARÇ.com, through an authorised distributor (shop-in-shop within a department store, a store etc.). At the time of purchase, an original invoice is created for both online and in-store purchases. We cannot guarantee or verify the authenticity of an item purchased outside an official GARÇ point of sale.