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    Size Guide

    Measuring for the right bracelet size.

    Measuring your bracelet size is easiest with a tape measure or a piece of string placed next to a ruler. Measure the circumference of your wrist tightly under the lump under your hand. Add 2 centimeters. This is your bracelet size. For example, if your wrist circumference is 17 cm, then your bracelet size is 17 cm + 2 cm = 19 cm. We advise to follow this advice.


    S:       16 cm wrist circumference

    S/M:   17 cm wrist circumference

    M:      18 cm wrist circumference

    M/L:   19 cm wrist circumference

    L:        20 cm wrist circumference

    X-L:    21 cm wrist circumference


    How do you measure your ring size?

    The sizes of the GARÇ rings are indicated by the inner diameter of the ring. To determine your size, you can measure the distance between the inner sides of an existing ring without measuring the edges of the ring itself. The mm indicates the size listed in the table. 

    If you do not have an existing ring, you can also measure the circumference of the finger with a string. Wrap a string neatly around your finger, on the spot where you want to wear the GARÇ ring. Don't pull the string too tight, but make sure it fits your skin. Cut the string where the wires cross and then measure the length of the string. The length in millimeters is your ring size. On the table you can see which size you need.

    Converting your ring size for wide rings

    A thin ring is worn around the narrowest part at the bottom of your finger, while a wider ring takes up more space. As a result, the ring also wraps around wider sections of your finger, so you need a larger size. The rings are wider than 0.5 cm so make sure you take one size bigger. Because the rings with the squares and the round stones are wider, the advice is to take a bigger size for that. The ring must fit and can not be enlarged or reduced, because of the chrono metric scale in the ring, but also because of the casting in which the stone lies. When this is done the stone will come loose and we can no longer give a guarantee if the size of the ring is changed on our own initiative. 




    -A wide ring feels tighter around the finger, take a whole size bigger with a wide ring.

    -If your calculation shows a number that is not standard in the table, choose the nearest (larger) size.

    -Heat and cold can make your fingers thicker or thinner. This can cause a difference of a quarter ring size after just a few hours. Therefore, calculate your ring size at room temperature.

    -If your ring size is between 2 sizes, choose the largest size.

    -Don't assume that your fingers on your left hand are as slim/thick as on your right hand. If you are going to measure, determine beforehand which hand / finger you want to wear the ring.

    -We recommend measuring the thickest part and otherwise determine the size with an existing ring.



    18 mm     57 mm
    19 mm     60 mm
    20 mm     63 mm
    21 mm     66 mm
    22 mm     69 mm