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    A little attention to the time in this world of fast movement with a GARÇ ring.


    The GARÇ ring is unique because of its chronometric scale etched on the inside of the ring that indicates the solar time when the sun is shining. The solar time or true time is the local time measured on a sundial. When you place the ring with the hole facing the sun, the sunbeam radiates through the hole and this ray indicates solar time on the scale inside the ring. A novelty that gives the ring a unique element and makes it a real men's gadget 'Not for your mom'. With a sundial, no appointment is possible if the sun does not shine. Even if the sun does shine, an appointment is only possible if you meet around the fifth hour. The clock, meant to order and control our lifetime, has come to dominate us in time. The more precisely time is defined, the higher the demands time makes on us. An appointment is an appointment. Why should we rush?